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C / the runway / part two


The next five include a crazy-talented photographer, a Khmer-American pop star who says “hella,” a woman who makes the best spice cake in the world, the founder of Cocktails Without Borders, and a development superhero who loves paneer like I love my family. They were wonderful to work with, and I am so happy I had the chance to.

May I present: Lauren, Nitika, Lucinda, Laura and Jen.


Lauren bar

Lauren 3

lauren 2


Nitika bar

nitika legs


lucinda bar

lucinda enter

lucinda werk


laura legs


laura 2


jen profile

Jen Smile.jpg


Hooray! Look at those faces. They all told me they had no idea how to model and they all lied.


All photos by  Julia White Mike Gebremedhin and Michael McKay


8 thoughts on “C / the runway / part two

  1. Incredible, Cait. I just scrolled through Part 2 at least ten times trying to decide which look is my favorite. How wonderful it is to be unable to decide. The pants in look 3 are amazing. I want to wear them. Immediately. And look as good as your model does. Then I scrolled to 4 and I can just imagine going out tomorrow night in that knock-out. I love the cutout and the way it is still sharp but flows off the left shoulder (pardon my inadequate fashion parlance; any look at my own wardrobe will tell you I don’t speak that language…). Then look 5 rolled up and I am vicariously elegant. Your models are compelling. Their smiles capture the delight and poise of your work. Congratulations.

  2. My favorite thing is the look on the faces in the audience. Everyone is absolutely DELIGHTED!

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