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C / the runway / part three


happy cait.jpg

Happy Friday. It’s a good one today, and I finally have my brain back after about 2 weeks of what feels like a mix of hangover, stuffy nose, and PMS. I have been a joy to be around. Inhaling green juice at a record levels has helped a bit, and I am very excited to show the last five looks from the show with the world. In case you missed the previous batches, click away here and here.

I don’t think I mentioned it before, but my mom and dad came out to Cambodia for the show. They are kind of the best. This did, however, make every moment that much more emotional for me. For those of you who know me, you know I cry, like, all the time. It’s not that I’m emotionally unstable, it’s just that I have a super leaky face. Having my parents here made everything that much more meaningful, and that much leakier.

This last group of women is pretty diverse. It includes the first lady friend I made in Phnom Penh, who still has the same love of pumpkin pie that I do. There is a Peace Corps superstar in there, who is actually a secret acrobat. One of the models leads giant international teams to eradicate malaria in Cambodia, can make me laugh on demand, and is the very proud owner of multiple dirndls. This group also includes a woman who has put up with me for 32+ years, and maybe because of that, owns a chainsaw and a blowtorch. Lastly, one of these gorgeous women gives quite possibly the best hugs in the whole world and is one of a very small group who understands my crazy circus brain.

I give you Lisa, Erin, Abigail, Betsy, and Lin.


LisaLisa BarLisa strut



Erin bar

erin walk.jpg


Abigail hand.jpg

Abigail Back.jpg

Abigail smile.jpg


Mom yeah.jpg

Mom Bar.jpgMom pretty


Lin Bar.jpgLin Crazy train

Lin Peace.jpg

Lin Hooray.jpg

Thats the show.


mom and dad.jpg


It’s damn near impossible for me to thank Mike, Julia and Michael for capturing what has been one of the very best experiences of my life. It’s rare to have a photo of the exact moment when I couldn’t possibly be any happier. I’m even teary typing it. Good lord, get it together, Decker.

group hug.jpg

The End. Thank you so, so much.




5 thoughts on “C / the runway / part three

  1. Many congrats and hugs Cait!! Beautiful people and fashions too. Wish I could have been there …loved the blonde lady in blue! Always with you in spirit, Lee

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