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Photo Credit: Trevor Lee for She Explores

Photo Credit: Trevor Lee for She Explores

I don’t know about you, but I had a doozy of a weekend! It involved waking up with the sun on Saturday morning, kicking these numbers in the butt, a quick coffee with this fly-by gorgeous gal, a few snappy snaps, and then I hopped on my partner’s dirt bike and we rode up 100km up and out of Phnom Penh to here with a couple of buddies. That was a long sentence. And all of that was before noon on Saturday (the remainder of which was spent fireside working through a big pile of board games).

But the best part was that it reminded me of what adventure was.   In a couple of months, Cait and I will be going on a big one! Details to come!  In the meantime, I stumbled on this gorgeous video travelogue from videographer Ben Steensels on his trip to New Zealand.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  We’re planning on heading somewhere equally mountainous and I can’t wait to share everything with you.  But we’re keeping it a secret for now.   In the meantime, enjoy these moving pictures and make plans for adventures.

Lost in New Zealand from BenSteensels on Vimeo.

PS – I just joined Snapchat (find me @infinitiff) and it is amazing! Come check out the fun dailies/hourlies that don’t make it on the blog or our Instagram!


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