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Daisy Ridley. Let’s start with saying that I am totally biased, because I loved her in Star Wars. I mean, her defining role at this point in life is as badass scavenger on planet Jakku, who dabbles in aircraft maintenance, out-forces Adam Driver, and I’m pretty sure inspired Yeezy’s Spring 2016 line. 

At the Oscars on Sunday, she wore an elegant, but not boring, Chanel number that was impossibly intricate and lovely. It didn’t push her boobs up, show “way up there leg”, or show off her butt, which is probably great. Now, there is nothing wrong with being sexy and looking crazy hot. It’s just nice when there is a little variety.


I like that she has decided to be interesting in her life outside the movie as well. The past year or so, she has been wearing pieces that are more interesting than they are about ‘highlighting a bodypart’. In an industry where sex appeal and body issues are constantly at war, she  goes for the weird in lieu of the sexy. The girl is gorgeous, has crazy body-karate, and could walk around in next to nothing and everyone would be all “yaaaaas queen.” But I am more impressed with her slant towards the uncommon and strange. She’s 24, is a role model for millions of girls and boys all over the world, what better time to lay out all the fun cards?

Here are some of my favorite fun cards.

Roland Mouretone-daisy.jpg

Mary Katranzoutwo-daisy.jpg

Christian Diorthree-daisy.jpg

Jason Wufour-daisy.jpg

and again, Christian Diordaisy-five.jpg

Hooray for things more fun than being a sexpot.

Header photo by Mark Seliger






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