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Photo Credit: Michael Stetson

Photo Credit: Michael Stetson

Good morning. It’s full steam ahead today, full of lists and catch up time.  Cait got hit by the migraine train yesterday, so she is recovering through carbs and sweatpants today.  Tiff is every which way but loose (which means new contracts, new lightboxes and a bunch of product to shoot).  Basically, life is busy, but we’ve got time for our new standing Wednesday lunch date slash hashtag. We hope you have a fantastic Wednesday, and remember to make Donald Drumpf again. 

I like the idea of a Spring to-do list. I also like the idea of actual seasons, but we can’t have it all.

Anne’s got such great tips for getting out that pit of nonspiration (and Joy does too!).

These sports bras seem to be everywhere right now, and now I think I know what to do with that pile of jersey.

Grace Bonney’s got such a knack at profiling the lives of young designers.  This one’s a great read.

After a big purge, I always want to re-nest a little bit. I feel like these towels would really help.

I really had to stop myself from eating the entire batch.

Samantha Bee 2016?

#oscarssowhite is technically over, but this is such a great read.

In case you didn’t see it, watch Lady Gaga do her thing in the very best way. Prepare tissues.

Just in case.


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