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Artwork Credit: Jerzy Werbel

Artwork Credit: Jerzy Werbel

As I’ve mentioned before, I really dig my hometown.  And I’m starting to get into video!  So let’s combine those two amazing things together.  I really love what the ladies behind this love letter to Toronto did.  It’s exactly what I missed out on in my twenties when I left the Big Smoke for warmer and more career driven climes: classy cocktails and bespoke beers, still on patios, but this time probably in high waisted black denim shorts.  Everything about this tiny collection of moving pictures hits all the right notes: the way the sun simmers through the trees, the Chilly Gonzales rhythm of the city, and bicycles!  My heart swells.  

Love Letter 2 TO from Linda Yahya on Vimeo.


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