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I spent a few months in London last summer taking classes at Central Saint Martins. They offer short courses throughout the year, ranging from screen printing to graphic design and even full-on designing a collection. I took about 10 weeks worth of courses, and talked about it a lot here and here…and here.


It goes without saying that I loved it. I loved London, I loved the cloudy days, I loved the weirdness and creativity that swarms the city. Saint Martins is a magnet for all the good stuff, it seems, and I feel fancy for going there. And to be clear, I paid for short courses, I didn’t apply or graduate or anything like that. I wouldn’t put myself in a category with Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Phoebe Philo or Mary Kantranzou just yet, even though were are basically exactly the same and equally accomplished.


Leigh Keily

While I was taking my Fashion Photography course with Leigh Keily (who happens to be fantastic), the school passed around a survey about student information. They wanted to know where we came from, what brought us to London, why we chose CSM, etc. They picked a few of the student bios to put up on the short courses website, and one of them was me! Famous already.


Despite the fact that I look a touch like a creep outside your window, it’s a nice little piece and I am very honored to be included on the site. Honestly, I am excited to be associated with CSM for any reason, so this feels pretty great.

I can’t recommend the short courses enough. All of the instructors currently work in the fashion industry, which was a really beneficial part of the program. They have current and relevant knowledge of how the industry works, and were very happy to share stories and insight. Some of my instructors included a professional make up artist, a bespoke men’s accessory designer, the man who literally wrote the book on fashion illustration, a woman who makes amazing plastic headgear, and a textile designer who I swear fell out of Alice in Wonderland. They all happen to be lovely human beings as well, and have been hugely supportive of my weird work here.


Me forcing Julian Seaman to be in a photo


all the colors

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I made a little slideshow because I couldn’t fit all the photos Looking through all of my photos from London has made me homesick for a place I only lived for 3 months. It was life-changing for me, I might have to go back.




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