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Photo Credit: Gymnastes

Photo Credit: Gymnastes

Morning, or afternoon, at this point. It’s a full day today, we are playing catch up. It’s sadly edging into hot season again and nobody wants that noise. The next few months will be full of staycations and field trips, in effort to distract ourselves from the very obvious sweat all over everything. Tiff is feeling like she’s got every limb in every pool right now, but at least they are pools, and pools are cold. Cait is planning trips and trucking along with some really fun custom design work. Hope you are having a great week.

Yes! Gorgeous city guides curated by Europe’s creative class.

I am really into body oils, and excited to try this one that Cup of Jo shared. It looks like it smells good, if that makes any sense.

My workout buddy Amy wrote the best little essay on getting rid of a pesky little word.

I love looking through The Reed’s vintage section. It’s like vintage shopping, but I don’t smell like socks after.

Our pal Koheun’s Instagram is famous now!

Oooh comfy, and funny.

These tiny films on city life are exactly the inspiration I need this week.

Happy this show is coming back! Hungry for a lot more.

Molly’s olive oil blondies were the biggest hit in our house last week.

And one more Instagram account, StudioMucci. It’s pure happiness.


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