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Photo Credit: Everlane

Photo Credit: Everlane

There’s the post I wanted to do today (which answers a question I frequently get), and then there’s the post that I had time to do today.  But I promise, this one’s a goodie too.  I’ve been OBSESSED with Everlane’s Snapchat channel (@everlane) ever since Jane introduced me to the app and suggested I follow them.  I get excited about their #transparencytuesdays and all the behind the scenes stuff that happens behind this brand that Cait and I just love.  Then I discovered their Youtube channel, and my pride for this sustainable fashion brand has jumped through the roof.  We live in Cambodia, where worker’s rights and garment factory conditions are only starting to get recognized through projects like Better Factories and helped by locally lead movements by a select few fashion brands.  So these details matter to us.

China is often synonymous with unethical manufacturing practices and poor quality products that feed the #fastfashion trend.  But change is coming.  And Everlane has been one of the first brands to lead the charge with their mission of #radicaltransparency.  This has meant opening up all of their factories for public assessment as part of their #knowyourfactories campaign.  This includes the ones in China.

So when I stumbled upon this series of videos showcasing their production standards in China, I was plussed.  I also got to learn a new word: handfeel!  Now watch it go on repeat over the next month (#sorrynotsorry).



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