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C / Sid Neigum

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04-sid-neigum-fall-2016-ready-to-wear.jpg I spend a lot of time on It’s technically Vogue Runway now, but it take like 8 seconds to change a bookmark on my computer, and who has that kind of time?

I’m sick again today, and in the ongoing saga of whether or not Cambodia will actually kill me or not, Cambodia gained two points today. I am half way through a bowl full of plain rice, and feeling ok-ish enough to scroll through fashion shows. Pretty things make me feel better.

One of the best things about, is that they show a lot of small designers who are making their way up in the fashion world, and these designers get the same space as Versace or Dior or Luis Vuitton. So I like cruising through the designer roll on the side and finding people that I have never heard of. Today I found Sid Neigum.

His clothes make me want to curl up on the couch and be super fancy at the same time, which is sort of a dream combo for me. These are some of my favorites.







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