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Artwork Credit: René Gruau

Artwork Credit: René Gruau

Buenos dias. Japan might be the land of the rising sun, but Cambodia feels like the land of the extremely aggressive sun. Cait had to get out of the pool yesterday because the water was so warm, it felt like she was taking a large bath with 9 strangers. Tiff is planning to switch to Fahrenheit because it’s just so much more dramatic to say that it’s 101F. She is also currently doing a review of the most consistently air conditioned cafés in Phnom Penh. It’s that kind of week.  Please send us some cold if you have it.

Attention mamas abroad. Cup of Jo is looking for your perspective.

There’s just something about Spam and sushi rice that go so well together.

Love these sweet sketches.

I so dig this little photo essay on how Madewell gets its denim perfect.

I don’t like it, but I can’t stop looking at it.

This place is so much more than sausages and beer.

I really want to wear this beanie, but my head would burst into flames here.

Props to this lady rafting guide who writes so gosh darn beautifully.

John Oliver for president.

This bag please!


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