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There are a lot of great brands out there who are working really hard to make gorgeous clothes without being evil. My favorite one right now hasn’t even launched yet, it’s called Vetta Capsule. The brand focuses on making high-quality clothing through ethical and sustainable processes.

The company was started by two friends, Vanessa and Cara, both with experience in fashion design, buying and sustainable fashion advocacy. These ladies and their brand tick all the right boxes for me:

  • Vetta Capsule ensures ethical working conditions and fare wages in their production center in New York city.
  • They use only three fabrics, all sustainable.
  • They work hard on fit, making sure their pieces don’t only look great on models, but on actual human beings that eat food.
  • Run by two awesome ladies, based in NYC and South Africa. (This isn’t a requirement for me to buy clothes, I just think they sound really cool.)
  • The clothes are great on their own, and the two of them clearly know fashion, trends, and classic pieces that you won’t want to throw away, maybe ever.
  • They are selling the pieces at wholesale prices, making them affordable as well.

Vetta Capsule is currently running a Kickstarter campaign which I HIGHLY recommend supporting. For your reward, you can pick different pieces from the collection, and they will ship it anywhere in the world. No excuses, people living in weird corners of the planet. Just look at the clothes and try to not buy them. You can’t.



With the emphasis on buying less, better things, they have 5 pieces to choose from, which can be turned into 30 separate looks when combined. It’s so neat.

In case the obvious fan-girling is just too much for you, check out their website, Also creep on their Instagram, @vettacapsuleFive more days to support the Kickstarter, so get to it.

Also, I think we would be friends. Sorry if that’s weird.

All photos are property of Vetta Capsule




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