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Photo Credit: Alfred Eisenstaedt for LIFE Magazine, 1959

Photo Credit: Alfred Eisenstaedt for LIFE Magazine, 1959

This post was also initially titled “adult summer camp,” but I didn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea.  Whatever you want to call them, I cannot accurately convey how badly I want to be at all of these places. And does anyone want to sponsor me? (because these things don’t come cheap).  The chance to be in a concentrated community of creative and entrepreneurial individuals all moving towards the same same but different goals is exactly the fuel I need.  This selection of “camps,” sound amazing. I’ve had them on my lists for the last while and hopefully I’ll be able to make a real thing some day.  One serves as a 4-day business conference for creative entrepreneurs, another focuses exclusively on food photography, and in the case of PowWow, camp went global and now collects artists in locations all over the world to create art in big ways.  Then there’s the Ace Camps which can give you anything your heart desires. Even though these things aren’t necessarily accessible to me now, hopefully I’ll be able to create a tiny little summer camp of my own here in my own backyard some day.

“CAMP is fucking awesome…” from The Unique CAMP on Vimeo.

Ace Camp workshop / Tiger in a Jar / Asheville, NC from Huda Abdul Aziz on Vimeo.


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