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I am in the process of designing a wedding dress for one of the coolest humans I have met in Phnom Penh. She’s French/Moroccan, a lawyer, gorgeous, and a genuinely lovely person to be around. How annoying. I want to make sure this dress matches her personality and effortless sense of style. What I don’t want to do is make a basic dress for a not-at-all basic lady.

I have been looking at Moroccan art, architecture, and traditional clothing for the past week. I want the dress to have a subtle element of Moroccan culture, but steer clear of the appropriative and the “look at me, I’m at a festival” vibe.

In my research for the design, I came upon Said Mahrouf. Mahrouf is a Moroccan-born, New York/Amsterdam trained designer. He launched in 2007, and I am sad I only just found out about him. His women’s wear manages to be breezy while structured, and creative, while wearable. I want all of it on me, right now. Especially that green and grey business, hot damn.




Going broke just looking at these. Sadly, I’m not sure if he is still designing, and he hasn’t released anything for 2016. Here’s hoping he is waiting for fashion week in September.

All photos property of Said Mahrouf




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