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Photo credit: Rodrigo Ramirez

Photo credit: Rodrigo Ramirez

Good morning! A little slow moving today, and a little sore also. C+T both have their own ways of working out, and are commiserating today about going up stairs, why stairs are evil, and who the hell thought of stairs. Tiff’s still slogging away, and incredibly excited for the little standing Wednesday lunch date she’s got with Cait. It’s noodle time. Cait is planning her assault on the fabric market in Kathmandu. (By assault, she means handing over her money without haggling enough and getting totally ripped off.) Have a great day, enjoy the distractions.

I’m constantly struggling with consuming less, while also promoting consumption (see below ha). But now there’s a podcast about that.  Thank you ladies from The American Edit and Hackwith Design.

I watched Amy last night, the documentary on Amy Winehouse. Get your hands on it and grab tissues.

This camera bag is the first pretty one I’ve ever seen.

Ooooo spring shoes.

Digging this ethical spring fashion guide and all the looks.

I love thank you cards, and like this short piece on when to use them.

An age old Swedish chapel turned into a perfect little cottage? Please Airbnb that.

Seoul Fashion Week sounds like something awesome that I would never understand.

Really dug this little piece on media junk and how it affects what we create.

Making an NYC restaurant list for my parents, who are going there this week. Made me think about the Dream Lunch I had there last year. Sigh.


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