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RItual---HeaderI’m a fan of regularity.  Thorough planning.  Depending on things to happen.  Which is in complete conflict with the careers I have chosen, which currently count a jumble of photography, branding, public health policy, communications, and this blog.  Freelancing. Oh, and all the anxiety that comes with this work.  So while I have my daily routines (early morning Crossfit, post-workout double cortado, post-coffee emails, a home-cooked meal 4 out of the 7 nights a week), I also have a couple of rituals that help me get back into the right perspective.  I acknowledge that nothing will ever be quite balanced, nor will I get this whole time management thing right.  But at least I’ve got these two weekly meditations that I can look forward to.

Cait and I started have a standing Wednesday lunch this year.  And we’ve actually been sticking to it!  Our lives have gotten so busy that our conversations might get limited to short bursts of WhatsApp messages.  So this is the one time in the week, we can squeeze in an hour or two of spewing about life, what we’re creating, organizing blog content, enjoying food, getting excited.  We were a little ambitious at first with our home cooked lunches, but happily have been deferring to the little udon noodle joint that brought us together.

Tiffany TsangSlow Thursday morning breakfasts with my partner are also a game changer for my week. I never see the guy in the morning.  I am out of bed and out of the house by 6am most mornings and unless we schedule a lunch in, I won’t see the dude until the evening.  But on Thursdays, I get to sleep in.  And because I’m an eternal planner who loves to cook, I’ll have a breakfast prepared or planned the night before.  There have been waffles, pancakes, baked oatmeals, breakfast burritos. The whole shebang, a different brekkie every Thursday.  This morning it was all about this delicious spicy chorizo-apple hash.  Espresso for him, a pour-over for me.  (Except this morning, since we didn’t have any coffee in the house.)  We actually sit at a table and mull about the week, get excited about the weekend and enjoy the morning light.  And we might even feel a little lighter as we head out into the day, despite the massive breakfast we just consumed.

All photos by Tiffany Tsang. Please feel free to eat the food, but ask if you’d like to use these photos.



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