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C / new tie dye

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I have blue fingers right now. Not Smurf blue, but more of a “maybe she’s slowly turning into a zombie” blue. It’s super pretty. I have been working with different dyes this week, and seeing what works on what fabrics. There are plastic tubs of dye all over the house and I feel like a mad scientist.

I have had an aversion to tie dye since I lived in Oregon, which might be a little surprising, because of the whole Oregon thing. I always thought it looked kinda cheap and like it smelled bad. There was a strong patchouli-tie dye-stanky association in my brain. I also thought it was sort of appropriative, like it used to mean something in the 70’s and wearing it now felt like I was trying too hard to appear laid back or revolutionary or something. Long story short, I over-thought it.

So I like it now, selectively, and I am excited to see how my experiments work out. Things like this have been my inspiration this week. Less Grateful Dead, more Grateful-I-smell-good-but-look-cool.


Maria Grachovel, Tory Burch


Joel Janse Van Vuuren, Altuzarra


Rachel Comey

Now go have a great weekend, you big hippies.



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