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we’re on a field trip!

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Hello from Pokhara. Cait and Tiff and friends are in Nepal this week. It sort of a semi-grown up Spring Break. We will have a few guest posts this week because we don’t want to work. 

You may have noticed that we didn’t post yesterday. That’s because we were on the back of ill-functioning Royal Enfields (motorcycles) with the (doomed) intention of driving up into the mountains. Instead, we got to chill by the side of the road for about 2 hours in dust and smog. So pretty much the same thing.

Off for more adventures today. Another ride, some white water rafting, and yes, probably more momos. 

Check out all the pretty on our blog Instagram, our personal accounts @caitdeck and @infinitiff, and Tiff’s Snapchat (@infinitiff). Cait is too lazy to use Snapchat.

Happy trails, we’ll be back next week.




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