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T / postcards from nepal

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C+T---Postcards-from-Nepal---13I’m still adjusting to civilian life after our little big week in Nepal.  And it’s not just the unrelenting heat in Phnom Penh that drives me to go back to Kathmandu in a heartbeat.  With a friend’s wedding in full swing, we barely had any time to get to know the place.  I didn’t reach my critical mass of momo consumption.  Nor truly get my textiles on.  So when I sat down today to finally go through 28 gigabytes of raw images, I knew what I had to do.  Postcards.  Enjoy!

C+T---Postcards-from-Nepal---2 On our way, overland, from Pokhara to Kathmandu.  To those who haven’t yet graced cliffside, un-fenced, Asian roads (and their drivers), this might be a little death defying.  But once you get over that, the views are amazing.

C+T---Postcards-from-Nepal---1 From the top of Swayambhunath, aka the Monkey Temple, in Kathmandu.  C+T---Postcards-from-Nepal---3 C+T---Postcards-from-Nepal---12

C+T---Postcards-from-Nepal---10We spent the tiniest bit of time wandering through Patan Durbar Square.  I could easily come back here for a cuppa masala tea. Stat. C+T---Postcards-from-Nepal---11 C+T---Postcards-from-Nepal---9 C+T---Postcards-from-Nepal---8

C+T---Postcards-from-Nepal---4On our last day, we got to visit Bhaktapur, the ancient Newari capital of the Kathmandu Valley and its royal palace.  Just in time for Nepali New Year celebrations.  Which, when you’re getting over a night of wedding festivities, is the best wake me up a girl could ask for.  And this is when we really confronted the damage caused by 2014’s earthquake.  Five hundred year old temples rendered into rubble, not to mention the lives lost.  But the city was in full swing for new year festivities and the celebrations were just infectious.  After a pot of masala tea, of course. C+T---Postcards-from-Nepal---5 C+T---Postcards-from-Nepal---6 C+T---Postcards-from-Nepal---7

All photos by Tiffany Tsang. Please request permission for use. And you should definitely go to Nepal.


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