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Photo Credit: Margaret Zhang

Photo Credit: Margaret Zhang

While trying to stay present, I can’t help but think about the future of what Cait and I are doing, about what I am doing. Should we be micro-blogging? Is blogform really dying?  All that jazz.  And with this heat, it can get a little overwhelming.  Thank goodness for the black hole of Youtube (and a very powerful air conditioner).  I’m already a fan of British Vogue’s video content, but when they launched their series, The Future of Fashion, hosted by girl crush Alexa Chung, I got sucked in.  People are often asking us what the heck a fashion blog is.  And I am often stuck wondering – where is this all evolving into?  This season ender for The Future of Fashion answers all those questions.  If you’ve got 16 minutes, or maybe an hour or two if you want to watch the entire series in one fell swoop, please check this out.  It’s such a concise little history of style blogging and where it’s all heading and how a little economy became a big player.


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