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damn-della.jpgWelcome to the first installment of my new series, Part of Your World.

This idea actually came from Tiff, after spending the past few years sending emails back and forth with the subject line “YOU SHOULD WORK HERE.” There are so many cool companies up and running right now, making beautiful things in a smart and kind way. This is fantastic news for me, because I’m looking to be a part of something great.

The first company on the horizon is Della. The LA-based company was started in 2009 and all clothing and accessories are made in Ghana. Della sources locally in Ghana and provides fair wages, literacy, child care, and economic empowerment programs for their employees. The company uses a sustainable business model, and isn’t set up as a charity, which I really like. They are providing solid and dependable employment for skilled labor in a place that needs it. They also happen to make beautiful clothes.

Della has managed to put together collections that are breezy, effortless and elegant, all the same time. The patterns and textures are interesting and very cool-girl, while remaining accessible and not falling victim to passing trends and barely-wearable pieces. The clothes are made to fit a range of body types, and it looks as though it’s possible to eat actual food while wearing these pieces.





I love this company, and would love to be a part of something great like this. Can’t wait to see what they do next!


All photos via Della, and I highly recommend visiting their gorgeous site.


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