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Photo Credit: Richard E Aaron/

Photo Credit: Richard E Aaron/

Still not totally ok after Prince’s death. It really is amazing how it’s possible to feel so connected to someone you’ve never met. I guess we are just lucky to have the music. Anyway, speaking of connection, have you watched Lemonade? Because that is some shit right there. Cait + Tiff are completely blown away, and grateful for powerful, badass musicians making raw and beautiful music. Heavy day. Hope its a good one, full of things that make you feel something.

Questlove on Prince.  Best words ever.

What really happens to you when you go for the green juice.

Fast. 1960s. From South Asia.  Thank you Kiira for the newest addiction to my music streaming!

“I’m not pretty and I will never be pretty, but it doesn’t matter. I have something much better. I have style.” Great piece on the amazing Iris Apfel.

Digging Margaret Zhang’s fave photo apps.

This is the most appropriate reaction to Prince. Bless you, Nick Miller.

This photo essay on morning routines rocks my socks off.

He inspired so much amazing art in the world, and here’s a little bit more.

Culture. Identity. Appropriation. And mac and cheese.

There are so many amazing performances by Prince, but for me, it’s hard to beat Purlpe Rain, in the rain.



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