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Cait is in Hanoi right now, doing her best to eat the city in it’s entirety. Lucky for us, Cait’s personal trainer and awesome buddy, Kaitlyn (I know, two C/Kait’s, crazy business) is helping her with the post today. Thanks for the help, Kaitlyn, and also thanks for kicking my butt last, my legs are crazy sore.  


I recently went through an abrupt and difficult breakup. It was painful and gut wrenching in the sense that my stomach longed for greasy pad see ew and tikka masala that would no longer be brought by my former partner, the Your Phnom Penh delivery man.

The abusive relationship, while at first convenient, reliable and comfortable turned for the worse, quickly damaging my health, self-esteem, and wallet. I knew I couldn’t cut ties cold turkey, so I agreed to see him only once a week and go at the rest alone, aka cook my own meals. #adulting.

To make the time spent slicing and dicing pass a little faster I started listening to podcasts. My new friends Shawn, Ben, Rich and Ronda have been there for me during this post-Your Phnom Penh phase of my life, consoling me with their profound knowledge on all things health and fitness related, and giving me the motivation I need to cook my next meal.

Here is breakdown of my favorite health and fitness podcasts, in no particular order:

The Model Health Show by Shawn Stevensonmodel-health.jpg

Shawn makes you feel like you’re getting health advice from your older brother’s cool friend that you always had a crush on. He gives practical, hands on info about how to fuel your body, tips for a great night of sleep, and the importance of the mind-body connection. He breaks complex topics down into layman speak, making for an easy listen.

Favorite episode: 4 Unusual Foods That Can Transform Your Body

A slightly annoying title, but instead of just listing off a bunch of buzz words from GOOP, Shawn breaks down the best super foods and gives realistic tips for adding these to your diet – so no, you don’t have to spend $55 on a 2 oz jar of Brain Dust.

The Rich Roll Podcastrich-roll.jpg

Rich is literally one of the world’s fittest men, who also happens to only eat plants. Seriously. As a vegan ultra athlete, his podcast has a subtle agenda of plant pushing, but he also has on some amazing guests that inspire you to live your best life.

Favorite episode: Our Broken Plate: Disrupting Nutritional Science, Intermittent Fasting & How He Helped Penn Jillette Lose Over 100 Pounds

A conversation with Ray Cronise about our dysfunctional food system, longevity, and helping save Penn Jillette’s life.

FoundMyFitness by Dr. Ronda Patrickrhona.jpg

If you enjoy geeking out about health and nutrition as much as I do, then look no further than FoundMyFitness. Ronda Patrick is a biochemist who seriously knows her stuff. There are times during her show where I actually think she’s the smartest human I’ve ever heard speak. Her podcast focuses on the impact of genetics on nutrition and health, the microbiome, longevity, exercise, and the importance of mindfulness and stress reduction. She tends to get super technical with her guests, which can be hard for those of us without a PhD to get through, but she does her best to make it digestible for the masses.

Favorite episode: The Sonnenburgs On How The Gut Microbiota Interacts With Our Bodies

Anyone who has hung out with me in the last six months knows I’m obsessed with the microbiome (sorry dear friends who have heard me talk about the importance of fiber a few too many times). Well this podcast explains why.

Ben Greenfield Fitnessmike-dismount-bike.jpg

Stay up to date with the latest and greatest health and fitness trends with expert trainer Ben Greenfield. I like to think of Ben as the less douche-y Kanye West of the fitness world – always one step ahead of trends that makes you ask yourself, “Is that really necessary?” but then you try (and love) them anyways. Ben discusses everything from cryotherapy to making your own fermented bread and everything in between. I can’t say I’ve adopted every life hack he’s doled out (Infrared sauna therapy in Cambodia just isn’t going to happen) but hey, it’s good to know what’s out there.

Favorite episode: How To Cease Endless Fad Diets (And The #1 Question You Must Ask Yourself About Food).

Guest nutritionist Meghan Telpner talks about the concept of “un-dieting” that in turn heals your gut from the inside out.

Thank you Kaitlyn!

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