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C / Respect, Claire Danes

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Full disclosure, I had something else planned for today. I spent an amazing weekend in Hanoi with a buddy, ate everything, and shopped my face off. But I can’t write about that today. Partially because I have too many photos to go through, business cards to organize, and maps to make, but mostly because of Claire Danes.

It’s Claire Danes’ fault, because she wore this Zac Posen dress to the Met Gala last night, and I can’t stop staring at it.


It’s a full on Cinderella, and not traditionally something I would go for.  Despite that, somewhere deep, deep inside of my tomboy heart is a 9-year-old in a hyper color t-shirt, jumping for joy. Zac Posen and his crazy-talented tailoring team, nails it with every pleat and tuck and drape. Also, the dress glows in the damn dark.

Danes is a constant source of modern style influence, and is someone that I sincerely look up to. Miles of talent, master of the ugly cry, and honestly a bit of a nerd. In this dress, she could take down the Homeland terrorist organization, the real life ones, and probably Hitler.


Are you kidding me. claire-6.jpg

My respect for Claire Danes dates back about two decades, and there is a picture from 7th grade where I look a lot like her character from My So-Called Life, Angela. Basically, we are the same, and now I have to find twinkle lights to wrap around my body so we can be real-life twins.

Hooray for this dress and the wave of glow-in-the-dark everything that is about to hit the shelves.

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