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HJ-May-4Morning, everyone. It’s another sunny day in the seventh circle of hell Phnom Penh, and Tiff is on her 1078th rotation of Lemonade. Cait’s just trying to drink all the actual lemonade in the city in order to keep the skin from melting off her face.

One of my fave and most daring photogs is only 21!

First major catwalk show in Cuba, in quite a little while. Way to start it off strong, Karl.

This is exactly how Cait and I make our posts. Except we don’t have a studio. Or staff. And we should probably use more paint.

Love the funky shapes of Tony Chestnut.

What is home? I’ve been trying to figure this out for ages now that I’ve had my feet firmly planted in so many places.

In serious need of a studio. This should do nicely.

You know what day it is. Next to Cinco de Mayo, it’s practically the most important day in May.

Disagree. I don’t like saying bitchy fashion stuff, but no, no they were not.

Molly, Alana, Stephanie and Lily all went to Hawaii a couple of weeks ago. Read about everything they ate.

The irrational crush on Bourdain continues, and the completely rational need to eat Chicago only gets stronger.


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