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Photo Credit: Joanna Goddard

Photo Credit: Joanna Goddard

This one goes out to all the moms in our lives.  The ones who left work to raise the brood. The ones who continued work and made it all work some how.  The moms who take care of us even if they aren’t tied by blood.  My own mom for instilling her love for both the light (hello September issues, Joni Mitchell) and the dark (Edith Piaf, also Joni Mitchell, the Brontë sisters, Stanley Kubrick) in my sister and I. She basically trusted me to form my own tastes and make my own mistakes while I was growing up. She understood my own need to run off to explore the world much like she had done when she left Hong Kong as a teen.  And from this side of 30, it’s been beautiful to watch our friends become moms and all the love and hard work they transfer on to their own little ones.  It’s actually my favourite times when I get to hang out with ladies and their babies (most of whom are now toddlers).

I wanted to share beautiful little film by Canadian director, Daniel Wilner, gets everything down about being a working mom with young kids in Canada.  From dawn till dusk, he follows a mom and her kids.  It’s so intimate, celebratory, but also shows that women still bear the lion’s share of the housework. I could go on with the gender equality, and policy talk. But there are pros for that.

Conclusion? Every day should be mother’s day.

PS – have you been to Cup of Jo’s Motherhood Around the World series?

Working Mom from Aeon Video on Vimeo.


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