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Hi Wednesday, you’re ok. It’s still really hot. We know how much we have been talking about it, and we also know that it’s not that interesting to the rest of the world who is not blanketed in a sheet of their own dried sweat, but it’s exhausting. One of us (Cait) looks at photos of snow on mountains everyone morning, just to remind herself that there is good in the world. Tiff is less dramatic, and less of a baby. So this weekend, we’re attempting to escape the unforgiving sun by going places that are marginally less hot. We wish you iced coffee and cool breezes.

A sushi bar for cheese lovers? YES PLEASE.

Jon Stewart came back! Just for an hour, but it’s a good one.

Babies channeling their inner Eddie Redmayne. I should be thinking about this for my next infant shoot.

I love lists, and I have trouble sleeping, so this is great. Added bonus is learning about cool ladies who do cool things.

The new Radiohead is beyond amazeballs.  It’s sort of (almost but not quite) replacing Lemonade this week.

Oooo, free bathing suits.

The ultimate colouring book. I want to channel some colouring zen in this so bad.

Style is so personal, and this chick has style for days.

Bri went to Hong Kong! I was immediately and infinitely jealous.

I don’t normally do cupcakes, but I would do this one.


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