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Saturday-headerSaturday was fun town!  But fun town also means “whoa tired i need a nap” exhaustion town.  Sometimes my energy dips during events.  And to compensate for my lack of ability to focus on adult conversation, I’ll get into what I like to call my “fly on the wall” mode.  It’s even better when I’ve got Giorgio, my massive muscly camera, with me.  And I’ll get the sneakiest photos. On a single day this past weekend, Cait and I had a photoshoot that was bright hot and early, a fabulous brunch with our beautiful Alissa who was visiting, a brilliant pop up, all topped off with some (sort of) late night nourishment.

So during all those energy dips this past weekend, I got my camera out and took some fun shots.  This is how we turn a hot season day in Phnom Penh into the best thing ever.


I was still post-earlier-morning-workout sweating when we convened for the Cait’s upcoming look book shoot. So towels were more than handy. All the best ladies were there. You met them all already. Coffee and delicious carbs, and of course Lemonade were all present. I can’t forget to mention our favourite contributor, Alissa, who made a return to Phnom Penh for the weekend. All the way from London.  I was in a perpetual photo squat.  Shots were taken.  I can’t wait until we share them with you!

Saturday-Morning-2And since Alissa was back, we had to get our eat on.  The Tiger’s Eye is genius chef Timothy Bruyns’ newest outpost in Phnom Penh!  He usually makes our tastebuds go nuts in the evenings, but now he’s cornered the brunch market and the city couldn’t be happier.  So we had to have our second meal of the morning here.  That bread! And marmalade!Saturday-Morning-3


Lady bosses Louisa from La Familia (left) and Katia from Good Krama get down to business.

After a quick nap, it was time to get the pop-up started.  We drove as fast as we could through an unbearably hot Phnom Penh afternoon, locked ourselves in La Familia’s new retail spot, La Casita to help out Katia set up for the Good Krama pop up!Saturday-Afternoon-2

We even got to see samples from Good Krama's next collection! I can't wait to get my hands on these!

We even got to see samples from Good Krama’s next collection! I can’t wait to get my hands on these!

Saturday-Afternoon-4And it was such a success!  We can’t thank everyone enough for coming!   It was such a fun evening with all the best people in Phnom Penh.  And the best drinks.  Hands down favourite was mixology goddess Jen Queen’s debut of the Whitewalker with Snow (get it? eh?).  Homemade horchata and fernet with crushed ice makes a lot of hot and thirsty cocktail connoisseurs happy.

Cait creeps on homemade syrup (left) and La Familia founder Jen Queen (right) mixes the most delicious inspired cocktails (namely, the Whitewalker with Snow!)

Cait creeps on homemade syrup (left) and La Familia founder Jen Queen (right) mixes the most delicious inspired cocktails (namely, the Whitewalker with Snow!)


Saturday-Evening-2By 8pm, I was a more than a little ravenous.  My last memories of the pop-up involve shovelling the remains of Artillery’s delicious nachos and mango salsa.  So while I was hard pressed (aka hangry) to get on my bike and drive to our local Korean BBQ joint with the cool kids, I eventually relented and it was the best choice ever.  Saturday basically ended on a high note before I passed out from a horchata, fernet and grilled meat stupor.Tiffany Tsang

All photos by Tiffany Tsang. We are not liable for any financial incursions from relocating to Phnom Penh.


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