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Welcome to the second installment of Part of Your World. This is where I stalk companies that I want to work for and passively put my respect and love for them out into the world.

I have been looking around for a great swimwear company for a while, without much luck. I have found a number of beautiful, ethical lines that I love, but paying Net-a-Porter prices isn’t going to happen. I am happy to pay for quality, but $500 for a top isn’t something that is happening for me right now, or ever.

I came across Vitamin A, a company based in California and inspired by cool-kid beach culture. Amalia Stevens, the head of design and company founder, believes in using the right stuff, made my the right people, which I really like. Not cheap, but their products are beautiful, with great prints and made from sustainable fabrics. I love the creative cuts and jungle prints that make swim wear and lounge gear feel put together. These are some of my favorites.




That last one looks like a damn superhero outfit, which is sort of what I want to feel like at the beach.

All photos via Vitamin A, and that alien-gorgeous model.



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