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T / happy monday / i-D x dance

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Photo Credit: Rodney S. Waldrop

Photo Credit: Rodney S. Waldrop

It is Monday morning and I am still at the freaking beach.  Long weekends, an overdose of seafood and the best people were all involved and I have never felt more relaxed.

Anyways, from all this relaxation comes Jesse Spano-level excitement (not fear) about all the things to come.  All of the fun shoots I have this coming week, all the stories at the job that pays me to help tell them, all of the projects that are just beginning to get conceived (and hopefully gestated and subsequently birthed).  So when I’m not taking advantage of the plethora of holidays this country has to offer, I’m getting a slice of that from all the inspiration binging that the Interweb has to offer. These days, i-D, Vice’s fashion-culture channel, has been the source of that. All of its aesthetics, over saturated colours, counter culture topics, satisfy both my teenage self that used to hang out in pre-gentrification downtown Toronto, and the current self, which just likes pretty things.  Their alphabet series is the best thing to get a concentrated dose of fun in. I thought it’d be the best thing to start the week with.

PS – a close second.



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