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Tiffany TsangIt is Cait’s birthday today.  And I’m so excited to celebrate it.  But more than that, I’m beyond the moon for her next year.  The past 3.5 years I have known this beauty have been amazing.  There is no other person I would want to be on this journey with.  I’ve never met someone more loyal, kind, generous, Gilda Radner slash Amy Poehler level fun (it really depends on what colour Cait’s hair is).

7E53CDC3-03B6-48A8-8788-6808DB029C13-exportI’ve had the chance to watch this chick grow as a designer over the past year.  I’m still wearing the first thing she ever designed for me because it is that amazing and I can’t wait to see what else she’s got in her bag.  She’s also the one I want styling at shoots, and making sure that every curve is properly hugged and that every strand of hair and piece of fabric is properly juzgjjed (I have no idea how to spell that, but you know what I mean).  You know how Mindy Kaling writes about her stylist and designer? (If you don’t, you should read that book) Cait is that person for so many beauties we know in this city. She just knows how to make you look BAM!

And Cait is just the best person ever (refer to above).  I love her so much.

So if you see Cait today. Give her the biggest squeeze.  I know I will.

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