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Glamour-Shot-HeaderIt’s a rite of passage for the expatriates in live in Phnom Penh.  The Khmer glamour shots. There we go again, bastardizing a local practice. Go through their catalog of costumes and settings and you might see someone you know.  I’m already an old hand at this. (Remember this?) But Cait and some of our more recently arrived friends hadn’t had the joy of pounds of make up and the shiniest of outfits. So with a bottle of rosé, into the studio we went.  Our favourite Lyly event got outfitted as an apsara!  As usual, I had Giorgio handy and snapped a whole bunch of behind the scenes shots because backstage shots are my jam.  This included a whole series of Cait realizing that the hair pieces erected atop her head did not exactly match her platinum locks (too many to share here this time).  So without further delay, let the show begin.


In the chair. With my four ladies.

Apsara in construction.

Apsara in construction.


In the waiting line.

View from the front of the lines.

View from the front of the lines.

Et voila.

Et voila.

All photos by Tiffany Tsang. We are not liable for any profound desire to wear cakey make up and fake eye lashes.


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