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Photo Credit: Jo Ann Callis

Photo Credit: Jo Ann Callis via Amandla Stenberg.

You know when you see a movie trailer and you think: “wow this totally gets me right now.”  I basically say that to every mumblecore outfit starring Greta Gerwig these days.  Because, in my cinematic universe, blonde and lithe with perfect comic timing and the kind of awkward that is endearing Greta Gerwig embodies my entire being (see Mistress America, Frances Ha, Lola Versus, and Damsels in Distress).  But apparently I also get the feeling that Keegan-Michael Key and Gillian Jacobs might also be my spiritual cinematic embodiments too.

So when this tiny movie about making it in improv stumbled into my lap after a super fun but also super exhausting weekend (I think I took about 2000 photos), I couldn’t help but feel validated.  This whole career switch, creative freelancing, trying to make a buck thing has its amazing moments, its exhausting bits, and its hard (on yourself) times.  Sometimes it freaking rains and gets all depressed cloudy grey on your photoshoot when all other mornings have been sunny.  But there is a generation of writers, directors and actors (not to mention bloggers) out there who get me.  That feeling.  That cinematic experience of transference and flight.  To be able to look at a picture, whether it is in motion or not, and recognize its power.  That is what helps me realize that this is why I am trying to do what I am trying to do.

PS – I also feel like the new X-Men movie gets me too.


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