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We spent the morning with two lovely ladies, looking to elevate the sustainable fashion scene in Phnom Penh, and we are all for it. Then Cait got behind the camera, and Tiff was the super model of the morning. Life is a constant to-do list for both of us and, and Tiff is hacking through her massive list and trying to make all the clients happy. She’s also obsessed with having soup for lunch. Enjoying the slight hint of a rainy day here, so off to make tea and pretend seasons are a thing.

Colouring books are rocking my world the past week. First Bey, now Chance the Rapper? Yes please.

Really appreciate this list.

Light silky tanks are my fave these days. Love the ways Jen is rocking them.

My high school self is loving this piece.

I heart my keepcup.  So does Margaret, who makes her’s look oh so purdy.

New great things popping up at The Reed. It’s all too pretty.

I want our coffee Yoda to approve this, and this, before I go nuts on them.

This is everywhere right now, for good reason. Amazing laugh.

I had no idea the dosa had a Chinese cousin.  I need to eat this stat.

So into this romper thing.



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