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C / 5 great things

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art.jpgMy brain is all over the place this week, having a lot to do with my impending trip the US, intermittent migraines, heavy work calendar, and transitions all around. It’s mostly good stuff, but it makes me into a terrible procrastinator when I need to take care of my own stuff, and I ate two pieces of cold pizza before I sat down to write this, because I am convinced it will help me “focus.” I think it’s working.

Because I’m a spaz this week, that’s what you get. You get 5 things that were awesome this week, with no real order or reason.

  1. We were in a short movie last night! We will tell you more about it soon, but we can tell you now that it required gigantic hair, and even more hairspray. The end result was sort of like if Taylor Swift and Adele had an old baby. Tiff looked like she should be in a 60’s variety show, in the very best way. See below. us
  2. It’s nothing new, but Graceland remains my very favorite album. Went back to it again this week, and it’s the best. Bonus, I get really excited when Paul Simon says “Tucson” and I’m like THAT’S MEEEEE.
  3. Titus Andromedon, from The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I watched this about 30 times to prepare for the shoot last night. 
  4. Random emails. I have reached out to, been reached out to a few times this week, from people I want to know, people I used to know, and people I love but don’t talk to enough. If you are thinking about someone, reach out, even if you don’t know them. Not in a creepy way, but in general, most people like connecting, and it’s fun and awesome.
  5. This is what my hair looks like after an hour of teasing, a can of hair spray, 3 cocktails and a good night’s sleep. I miss it

The end.caitsig

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  1. Oh, my goodness! I am so impressed! I can’t wait to hear about the short movie!

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