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Artwork Credit: Thomas Danthony

Artwork Credit: Thomas Danthony

Morning, team. It’s a week of prep over here, and it’s felt a bit like getting ready for battle. Lots of strategy these days, and June is looking like a big one. That’s so vague, sorry. Cait is heading to the States to find herself and eat for a few weeks, so look out for jet-lagged fueled posts on tacos and the meaning of life. Meanwhile, Tiff is shooting up a bloodless massacre.  Toddlers, teddy bears, earrings and bangles oh my.  Basically, we can’t wait for our noodle date tomorrow.

This is gross cute.

A surprising cover by Shakira that is much better than I thought it would be.

Oh dang, Tucson is cool. See you soon.

Such a great piece on the process towards the life nomadic.

Awww. I love this. I hate Bran Stark.

Thing I’m thinking heaps about these days…and the new podcast all about it!

This girl stole my hair and the clothes I want.

Blog goals: become mid-tier 😉

Love this Mexico-inspired collection, still think it’s weird that it’s based in Australia.

Childhood fave meets awesome Jewish bread.  Yes please.


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