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T / happy monday / long distance

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Photo Credit: Luis Enero

Photo Credit: Luis Enero

We travel a lot.  And there is usually a certain time of the year, generally now, that Cait and I are apart for long periods of time.  Last year it was for over three months! Our friends immediately wondered, “will the blog survive?”  Well of course.  Hello Interwebs.  We practically live on Whatsapp in any case. And the cool thing about our neither-here-nor-there relationship is what we bring back.  I think my favourite thing about Cait’s return is the play by play I get over our beloved udon noodles at the place where it all began.  Or that time we hung out with Hello Kitty at the Incheon International Airport in between 24 hour journeys to and from Phnom Penh.  But enough about us. I want to talk about another favourite long distance couple, who are also creatives to boot.  You’ve met Koheun before (and you’ve caught onto her Instagram right?). But have you met her also uber-talented man?  They are usually everywhere (no seriously, they are actually everywhere), and when they’re together, they’re making the coolest little videos that are also so unique and personal.  In their latest venture that Justin, a videographer, produced, they tackle the topic of long distance while on a double date adventure with an equally peripatetic couple in Seattle.  Modern love means time zones, coordination and occasionally dropped calls.  But it also means adventure, the greatest memories, and building the most resilient partnerships. The storytelling here is adorable and just makes you want to smile.  Also drones are important too when you’re making an international travelogue with a touch of romance.


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