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Photo Credit: Prue Stent

Photo Credit: Prue Stent

So I just woke up from my old-man phase when it came to music in 2016.  Sometime in March, I had given up.  The world had succumbed to Ariana Grande.  I was a mega curmudgeon. The medium was dying, everything that was being produced sounded the same and it was futile to expect anything more than what would satisfy the addiction algorithms.  But I’ve had a slow rebirth that wound up with a crescendo of music love this past weekend.

But enough of those meditations.  I had a slow morning.  The snooze button was pressed multiple times.  This means I wasn’t in the mood for any sort of high intensity exercise either.  So I’m all about the fancy pantsy dancey this morning.  And I’ve declared Biggie as my spirit rapper this week.  So I have to open the mix with a little millennial remix.  Enjoy!

PS – To our international friends, we’re currently exploring new music platforms as 8tracks has reconfigured its policies to be in line with international streaming regulations (mega huge frownie face!).  If you are unable to reach our playlist below, try this link, where you can play on your desktop!


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