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Photo Credit: Prue Stent

Hi from New York and Phnom Penh. We are still separated and working through the pain with snacks and shopping. Well, the one of us that just housed a smoked mackerel sandwich and ice cream certainly is. Cait is coast hopping in the States and falling in love with all the cities.  Over in the east, while Tiff is living vicariously through all of Cait’s city snaps, she’s also planning for a big crazy destination wedding kind of trip in July.  And she wants to keep it a secret, she’ll probably let spill in 3…2…1….maybe not yet.  In the meantime, happy Wednesday!

Sometimes a good makeover is helpful, even if it’s a house, and it’s not yours.

We would both work here in a heartbeat.

I love the interviews that Garance does, and it’s great to read the real story of someone with such a name.

If you heart Silicon Valley and their tunes as much as me, then you have got to check this out.

Yay! I love red carpet photos without comment.

It’s all about the playlist, baby.

Holy cow, this looks amazing.

I am loving Jen’s little meditation on what she does and how it’s grown.

Aw, I like this. More things like this.

I can’t wait to read all of these this summer.


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