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guest post / koheun goes the distance

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Cait and Tiff are taking the week off!  Cait’s literally somewhere in the air and Tiff is buzzing around the city on her wheels.  This Monday, we’ve got some video fun from our pal Koheun!  You remember her fun fun romper, right?  Koheun left us and Phnom Penh a few months ago, but she’s been creating up a storm of fun all around the world since then.  Today she shares with us everything that’s all about that, working with her man, flying everywhere together, and sometimes apart.  And she even gives a glimpse on how she creates #kohonthego.  We love this post so much. Thank you Koh and happy monday, everyone!!

Photo Credit: Koheun Lee and her #kohonthego

Photo Credit: Koheun Lee and her #kohonthego

Long distance is like exercise.

  1. Most people don’t really like to, want to, choose to, enjoy, insert-any-other-happy-word doing it (everyone else is lying).

  2. There comes a point when you think there’s no way you’re gonna make it. Either from being on the verge of tears (I’m talking about Justin – that guy cries literally all the time (someone create a typographical emphasis for sarcasm already)) or barfing.

  3. By the time you’re getting close to the end, you feel like you could have kept going. Gone one more week. Done one more round.

It’s kind of like creativity in that sense. No? Too loose of a connection? Too many metaphors for one post? Too bad.

My coach in advertising school used to say that our most creative ideas come when we hit a block… and push through it. Not that the ideas that come before that aren’t creative, they’re just a little predictable in the sense that they’re probably things that are on the front of our minds. I’m a systems and process oriented person – even when it comes to something as fluid as creativity. That’s how my brain was wired and that’s how I was trained. XYZ steps need to be taken before arriving at something.

This is a long intro into what it’s like to work with another creative person who views it a little differently. Someone who is a do-er in every sense of the word and is adamant that creativity demands action (I don’t disagree). The creative process with Justin looks something like – do. No faffing around. Get infected by an idea and just create.

That’s how writing this post started.

That’s how “tell us about #kohonthego” went from me saying “Uh, I like traveling. Photos are cool. I like making things. Instagram. Cutouts. Blah. Words.” to a sweet video.

That’s how we got to experience first date jitters over a year into dating.

That’s how we’ll probably end up making a video about how traveling isn’t as romantic as it looks, how words like wanderlust should cease to exist, and how people should just get out there and do things.

I can’t really take credit for the creation of these videos as much as say I’m starting off my career in acting.

Nothing about the way we grew up, to the way we met, to the way we happen to make things together from time to time has been conventional. And everything on the internets always looks like too much fun (even to us in hindsight).

So on (long distance) relationships, exercising, our creating in any sense of the word, keep on pushin.



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