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Hi, morning. One of us has been up since 330am, and one of us is Tiff. The jet lag monster is a real thing, and not the most fun thing. Though it did inspire pasta making at 4am and bouts of, what I am sure will prove to be, creative genius. So Cait is sleepy and recovering from travel today, and Tiff has fallen madly in love with chai tea lattes laced with two shots of espresso (jet fuel instead of jet lag basically). We are thankful for the rainy season, and it’s the perfect excuse for a nap today, like we needed one.

Probably watch this every morning.

Katy Perry was just next door last week!

You don’t really need to read why the speech matters, because it’s obvious. Listen to Jesse Williams.

I could use a writing shed. (Also, I can’t wait to read her book).

All these photos make me want to go to Mexico.

Such a cool way to shoot jewelry!  Also, pretty tiny things.

Oh man, looks like we have some work to do.

Way cool sustainable textile out of these flora that I’ve always got in my house.

These are gorgeous, and look perfect for the weather.

I will waste many many hours reading about all these entrepreneurial crazy creative peeps.


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