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Photo Credit: Rodrigo Ramirez

Photo Credit: Rodrigo Ramirez

Morning from London, and afternoon from Phnom Penh. Cait is in London right now, enjoying sweater weather and hugging old friends. The experience of sunshine without sweat is both confusing and thrilling. Meanwhile in Phnom Penh, Tiff is nursing a not so tiny cold, and drinking all the bone broth she can get. Hope you all are having a great week.

Such an accurate and funny little piece on one’s twenties, and totally me, minus the lover with the 7-figure salary.

Aw, what a lovely tribute to an amazing human.

How the industry completely misinterpreted the whole point of the capsule wardrobe.

The message here and use of Spice Girls is on point.

If this is supposed to be the “modern twist on the Big Chill,” then it better have a stellar soundtrack.

I have a complicated relationship with ruffles, but this is too fun to handle.

I want to get into all of these graphic novels.

When I have a real-world fashion show, Tiff and Julia are going to take photos like this.

The best on-repeat musical remedy to the everlasting head cold.  (Also not bad for a summer sunset anthem)

We need to make these when I am back in Phnom Penh.


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