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We have exactly 36 hours in the same city. Time enough for a quick high five (four for Tiff) and change of the guard at customs. Tiff is no longer an invalid, but is currently learning the value of one’s left thumb (no she didn’t lose it, it’s just not really working right now). Cait’s constant state of jet lag is no longer an interesting thing to mention, and she is finally back in Phnom Penh, for a record of three weeks.

Who knew Game of Thrones could be cute AND gruesome at the same time?

Take me back to the states where I can get stone fruit and make these pancakes.

Typeface and colour theory nerd alert!!! This hardware is way cool.

Because most of my wardrobe leans toward 12 year old english boy, an update like this might be useful.

Great words from Joy on all the distress the world’s been under lately.

Super interesting and well thought out piece on the duality of Hillary’s campaign.

I would love to explore all the national parks with a van like this.

Jen goes on record about tabloids, garbage people, and the lasting impact on women. Great piece, but sad she had to write it.

All of these dresses. Now.

If you aren’t following Geronimo Balloons on Instagram, you should start.


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