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Art Credit: Brian Rea for NYTimes

Art Credit: Brian Rea for NYTimes

Good morning! We are up and at it early today, because the sun is Cait’s nemesis, and Tiff does her work early. Cait is shaking her life out after 2 months on non-stop movement. Being in one places feels very luxurious right now. Tiff is doing the opposite, and has knocked off Alissa’s Istanbul everything checklist and already plotting her return to this hilly city where your calves get the ultimate work out.  Next, she’s off to yet another country that’s hitting the headlines. Hope you are having a great week!

A perfect metaphor for a certain orange-faced hate monster.

Summer camp, golly miss structured hours of only playtime.

Imaan Hamman clearly has it going on, but this style breakdown shows her laid-back tomboy swag.

This week, I’ve read: Turkish pizza, Turkish quesadilla, Turkish smoothie. This is a great read on just calling it what it is.

I love Leslie Jones, and she should not have to put up with the garbage trolls of Twitter.

Photography and the lonely?  Let the debate begin!

This place in DTLA has me planning out spaces I don’t own. I love that the dog matches the apartment.

I’m so excited to see what this modern take on a gritty classic looks like.

I have never been pregnant or anticipated a baby leaving my body, but I bet it feels a lot like this.

All of these sunnies please.



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