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Photo Credit: Antonia Heil

Photo Credit: Antonia Heil

Morning kids. Tiff got back into town yesterday, but managed to fall asleep not only during a pedicure, but also in any other circumstance involving sitting. So that should be enough to indicate her state of things. Cait is kinda tired, but without a great reason for it. Also, she just learned it’s apparently “not ok” to fall asleep during a pedicure. Have a great week!

This article on having a “Fuck right off” fund I love. And I just started one.

I’m still in the midst of embracing the crop top and loving all these ways to wear them!

Miss Moss shared this gorgeous piece on crafting in the 60’s really does look like it was snatched out of Kinfolk today.

This looks delicious and I hope our coffee Yoda approves

Pretty Instagram account from a great vintage shop in Tucson.

A great little piece on blogging and honesty.

Information for digital nomads on where to move to next! Thanks for sharing, Emily!

Getting back from 2 weeks on the road and definitely agreeing to all of these travel tips.

New group, The Collab Nation, is just warming up. Watch their space for cool giveaways and sustainable fashion done in a cool way.

I’m missing all the delicious things in Turkey.  Thank goodness for food porn and all the blogging.


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