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Photo Credit: Lauren Pisano

Photo Credit: Lauren Pisano

In the past week, the USA had its first female presidential nominee.  And I got to see four ladies fight ghosts. Basically, eight year old Tiff is high five-ing 31 year old Tiff.  Despite all the turmoil the world faced in the past few weeks, I can’t help but feel all the hope and to know that if I have my own daughter one day, she’ll have all the opportunities and none of the obstacles.  We are on the precipice of something great.  I just know it.

So I wanted to share a couple of little short moving picture things featuring two very different women on the verge of great things and embracing a whole new world ahead of them.  Katie Kimball is all of 22 and I can’t wait to stalk her portfolio of beautiful images as she grows as an artist.  And naturally, I discovered her from the ladies over at She Explores

And Kelsey Lu is a classically trained cellist (already winning in my ears) who took that huge thing all the way with Andre 3000 and is now producing her own intense tunes.  You can read all about her here. This video is so different, but I think it’s the perfect pairing.

Happy Monday!

She: Behind the Lens from Kathryn Kimball on Vimeo.


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