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kate-mckinnonIf you have talked to me in the last few days, it has probably been about Kate McKinnon. I saw Ghostbusters on Friday, and it’s been a full on love spiral ever since. There is a scene in the movie (not ruining anything here) where she has these blaster guns and goes nuts on some ghosts and I just lost my damn mind. It was so awesome.

In case you don’t know everything about her, like I might, she has been a shining star on Saturday Night Live for the past few years, and is known for her spot-on impersonations of Justin Bieber, EllenHillary Clinton, and my personal favorite, a woman abducted by aliensShe is a comedy hero, has made me fall out of my chair with laughter, and isn’t afraid to take on any character.

She also happens to be a total smoke show. It’s probably wonderful to be born with that face, but my unending crush doesn’t come from a face alone. She knows how to carry herself on a red carpet, and she/her stylist has great taste. She is one of the first openly gay cast members of SNL, got her start on The Big Gay Sketch Show, and I am sending big high fives to her lady, Marla. Nice work. True to form, she doesn’t take herself too seriously, and seems to be enjoying the ride.

kate-bluwIn Versace at the Ghostbusters premier.

kate-blackAt the Emmy’s in J Mendel.

kate-whiteGorgeousness from her feature in Elle.

I hope this one doesn’t stop moving. The more I see, the more I love. I also just found out she is younger than me, so I am dealing with that a little bit.

Go see Ghostbusters, now-ish, and join the Kate Crush Club. caitsig


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