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Photo Credit: Pete Souza (aka the Obama's official photog)

Photo Credit: Pete Souza (aka the Obama’s official photog)

Morning friends. Hope you all are having a lovely week! Cait is in full prep mode, getting as much done as possible in the next few weeks and trying to enjoy the hell out of Phnom Penh.  And Tiff is mostly trying to work through all the denial, excitement and a tiny little surprise she’s got for Cait’s next journey.  Oh, and she’s also buried under a pile of children and jewelry right now.  Photos of, that is.  In the meantime, happy clicking!

The intersection of the Olympics and fashion.

These days, things are so busy that I actually get excited when I get to clean alone.

An interesting look at passion vs talent and which was to lean.

Such an interesting read on a certain Swedish furniture brand and it’s outlook on home design.

I don’t have kids, but this is about the loveliest thing I have read today.

It’s perpetual summer here, so we need all of these melt-proof things.

We borrow photos from A Well Traveled Woman quite often, but the words she throws in her tumblr really get me sometimes. (Scroll to the bottom of that page.)

This is a really great project seeking to preserve one of the best things in Cambodian culture.

I can’t myself, I want to know all of it.

I like a good city guide. Especially for this place I plan on visiting soon. Nudge nudge hint hint Cait.



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