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Photo Credit: Florencia Muriel.

Photo Credit: Florencia Muriel.

You know that observation about our attention spans getting shorter?  (Meanwhile our thumbs are getting stronger.)  If you have spent sufficient time with me, you’ll know that I can’t watch a movie in anywhere but a theatre.  I need every possible visual and auditory stimuli blocked off or else the smart phone monster will reveal itself.  One hour television dramas are fair game, but I may stray off path around minute 32.  Then there came the web series.  Tiny little digestible nuggets for the Facebook generation.  Nothing ever really longer than 25 minutes, and sometimes as short as four.  It’s an art form and an unimaginable skill to be able to tell stories in such a constrained timescape and then string them all together to create an interwoven story.  And get millions to follow you. So I’m not quite talking about Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, or Between Two Ferns, but my personal faves like High Maintenance (which just got picked up by HBO!) and Broad City (which as we all know got picked up by Comedy Central in 2014 and doesn’t need its own hyperlink).  Indie just got…indie-…rrrr.

In the spirit of brevity, I wanted to share a couple of new faves.  Production values are now through the roof.  And the best guest stars too.  First up is The (Mis)Adventures of Awkward Black Girl (which HBO also just bought) and for a very quick belly laugh, Namaste, Bitches. I’ll let you figure out what that’s about (two words: Los Angeles).  Happy Monday.


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