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Sustainable-ish fashion companyReformation, has come back on my radar this week thanks to a conversation with Tiff. I was turned off by the company a few years ago, because it was feeling a little too Coachella-y, too waif-hipster, and too try-hard. I don’t know if it was the language they use, or the general vibe they put out, but I was was afraid I would have to attend music festival and wear offensive pseudo-Native-American gear. (Totally rational fear.) Tiff gave the argument that things are looking different these days, so I gave it another shot. I’m impressed.


Started in 2009 by Yael Aflalo, the company strives to use sustainable fabrics, good manufacturing practices, and make awesome clothes that fit a range of bodies. What I like about them today is not only their dreamy wrap dresses, but their transparency regarding their own practices.

The website reads:ref

The company isn’t perfect, but they aren’t saying that they are. The operations are a vast improvement from the common standard in the garment industry and they have nailed the user experience. On the website, any shopper, or general nosy person (hi!), can dig around without much effort and find out which fabrics they use, the employee benefits and what they are doing to make the company better. They have even made cool visuals like this one, to highlight the garment, but also show why that dress is better than the evil dress from Forever 21.


And it’s not just empty promises to make yourself feel better about buying a $120 slip dress that you could totally have made for $30 in Cambodia. The team at reformation uses crazy stuff like math and science to monitor their impact on the world and stays transparent about what works and what doesn’t.

Due to this giant professional crush I have on them right now, I went down the rabbit hole this morning and spent much too long perving on all their pieces, and there are a lot. They do constant design, rather than collection, which I honestly don’t feel great about. There are pages and pages of designs, and it feels like the clothing equivalent of the menu at The Cheescake Factory, it’s just too much. That being said, I am going to buy at least three of these things.





This post is not sponsored, because we don’t have sponsors.


All photos via Reformation 


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